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We are excited to share with you the joys of the registered Deutsch Drahtaar in Western Washington. Those who have worked with a Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) through stubble, field thickets, rocks, hills and icy waters are priviledged to see the ethical recovery of feathered and furred game. Those who own and train a DD are blessed by the relationship with our proven hunting partners.

Deutsch Drahthaars are by bred by hunters, for hunters.  We are dedicated to furthering the Deutsch Drahthaar breed Through Performance to Standard.  Each registered Deutsch Drahthaar is a product of over 100 years of rigorous performance requirements and breeding standards of the VDD-GNA (Vereign Deutsch Drahthaar-Group North America).  Each Deutsch Drahthaar puppy is registered in Germany and posesses the instinct and natural abilities to be an ultimate versatile hunting machine. 

Just add water, fur and feathers.  With proper exposure, training and dedication to this working dog and your life will change as you meet kindred souls from around the world. 

Beware, hunting and training the Deutsch Drahthaar is addictive and it is likely to be the last breed of dog you ever want to work with and invite to be a member of your family!

  • indefatigable in pointing upland birds,
  • an icebreaking waterfowl retriever that can swim like an otter;
  • superb in blood and fur tracking for the ethical recovery of game;
  • extremely biddable and quick learning
  • affectionate family member with an INDOOR OFF-SWITCH
  • low shedding, odorless coat
We hope you enjoy visiting our website and find the information, resources and links interesting and useful.  Should you like additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Happy Hunting!!!

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Training references for versatile hunting dogs that we have found helpful.