Gallery of DDs Training & Testing

Most Beautiful Females
Armbruster 2010 Most Beautiful Females
Chill'n at the 2010 Armbruster
Paul Trout, Joel & Jinni 2010 Armbruster
Heuerhaus Gang #1
Heuerhause Gang #2 @ Amrbruster 2010
Armburster Blind Retrieve

Happy DD Handler NAVHDA N/A Training 2009
2009 VJP Boise, ID DD puppy on fur game
Quincy VJP Training 2009
Excited Ugly Dogs NAVHDA Natural Ability Training 2009
1st Water Retrieves NAVHDA N/A Training NAVHDA N/A Training 2009
NAVHDA N/A Training Todd & Czara VJP Boise 2009 HAVNHDA Training 2009


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Hunting Fraternity

Like minds, like interests all linked by our best friends.



Resources for research and field studies aimed towards preserving our wildlife and hunting traditions.


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Training Tips

Training references for versatile hunting dogs that we have found helpful.