Good parents would never dream of allowing the natural instincts of  children to run amok without providing on-going training and guidance during all stages of development and aspects of life.  This is also true for good owners of working dogs, particularly versatile hunting dogs that must be relied upon for the ethical recovery of game.  Fortunately, the JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association) testing program that is uNAVDA Training Daysed to qualify breeding and establish performance standards provides a tried and true framework for achieving hunting training goals.

There are many  individuals and websites sites on the Internet offering exhaustive information related to versatile hunting dogs and testing resources.  Nevertheless, a summary of the JGHV testing system that is used to ensure the quality hunting performance standards maintained by the VDD in Germany and VDD GNA (Group North America):  The testing system begins with the Natural Ability test each Spring.  This is known as the VJP and tests pups for gun sensitivity, pointing, nose, tracking, search and cooperation in the field.  In the Fall comes the HZP (Fall Search Test) where the advanced natural abilities are tested again, but now also in the water, along with live duck searches on the water.  Trained tasks such as blind retrieves and the manner of retrieves in the field and water are also evaluated.  A 300m furred game track and a 100m feathered game track are also included in this test. All of the training necessary to prepare for the HZP sets the platform to continues with the VGP Utility Test.  This is where the “finished” dog demonstrates not only his natural abilities, but more significantly his trained abilities and steadiness with his methodical  game tracking and recovery of game in a cooperative manner.  This is when a dog is an active participant in ethical hunting and is capable of demonstrating his critical role in wildlife conservation.

NAVHDA also represents another excellent testing program that is based on the JGHV system.

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